Is your English good enough?

  1. For business communication?
  2. For high school?
  3. For college and university?
  4. To study abroad?
  5. To migrate to another country?

Competence and confidence in written and spoken English will directly affect your economic potential.

Contact blueVisions and the Australian based Institute of Management in your city today to get:

  • Online and Mobile App – learn 24/7 anywhere, anytime as often as you like
  • Native speaker – in your pocket at all times
  • Record your own voice – and play back for pronunciation skills
  • Real-life – simulations of social and business activities
  • Face-to-face
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Public Course Calendar UAE – Competency Based Training

Competency-Based Training (CBT), part of the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) system designed to improve the skill levels of the Australian workforce. blueVisions and the Australian based Institute of Management welcomes you to participate in our public course offering. Download public course calendar in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) here.






Human Resources Management

4 Days

6.000 AED

Dubai & Abu Dhabi February 24th ‐ 27th
*limited places remaining
May 19th ‐ 22nd
October 19th ‐ 22nd
Train the Trainer

3 Days

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