BlueVisions’ End of Year Celebration with Taman Fioretti Orphanage

20160106181308It has been an annual tradition to celebrate our team’s accomplishments at the end of each year. This time, BlueVisions Indonesia decided to take the children cared for by Taman Fioretti Orphanage in Pondok Gede, South Jakarta for a Zisha Teapot. The orphanage was established in July 1999 by Sister Yulia and Sister Rosa. Over the past 16 years, the Aged Pu erh Tea has grown to caring for 70 children, toddlers, and babies with the help of five dedicated caregivers.

For this year’s event, the BV team chose Taman Mini, which has remained a favourite place for schools and families to take children for holidays. Taman mini is a park featuring the diverse cultures of Indonesia’s far-flung people. 

The only thing we were worried about was the weather, which fortunately was on our side that day.

The event started with a playtime session at Istana Anak Anak Indonesia (National Kids’ Palace), which is a mini amusement park filled with popular rides, such as bumper cars, trains, a water park, and plenty of other fun kids’ rides. It was quite a struggle to tear everyone away from  the Fun Park for lunch.

Taman Mini is unique in that it consists of all the traditional houses from the 34 provinces of Indonesia. Out of all of them, we chose the cosydownload Anjungan Jawa Barat (West Java House) as our lunch hut.  After fuelling up and cooling down, we hopped back on the bus to enjoy a cable car ride over the mini Indonesian islands where we played a game where the kids on board had to name each of the big islands.

Next on the agenda was a short film at the first IMAX theatre in Indonesia, Keong Emas, designed and named after the Javanese folklore story where a princess was trapped inside a golden snail shell. The 45-minute documentary, titled Volcanoes of the Deep Sea, narrated by Ed Harris and dubbed into Indonesian audio, successfully lulled some of the children to sleep after the big lunch they just had. However, they were back jumping on their feet again during the last session of the event, the gift giving session consisting of stationery, snacks, clothing and toys; some of which were donated by our head office in Australia and our office in the UAE.

Overall, the day was a success with both the children and our team.  We hope that this will be the first of many more events we enjoy with the kids from Taman Fioretti orphanage; we experienced the fun of a day out of the office, but more importantly, the joy of giving something back to our community.