4 Practical Ways to Improve Your English Skills

For many non-English background speakers, communicating in English (whether in the form of listening, reading, writing, or speaking) can be quite a challenge. And yet, in this growing global era, English has become the universal language that you need to  master in order  to move to the next level.

Managerial positions now require the applicants to be fluent  in both their native language and the English language. Even fresh graduate entry roles require sufficient English skills to apply!

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Starting 2014 The Right Way

It’s been days since the New Year and the initial hype of celebration has died down. Christmas decorations have disappeared and work certainly replaces our holiday mood early, demanding attention once more.

Before you are drawn into a series of deadlines, however, it’s best to first write down your New Year’s resolutions, or the goals you have for your career in the next year or two. This time, however, instead noting down, “Get a raise,” or “Break my bonus record,” let’s try things differently.

Let’s start by defining your ideal … Read more

DISC: Communication Tips for Cs – Part 5

In the previous four parts of this series, we talked about the importance of DISC and D, I and S’s profile characteristics. In this final part of the series, we’ll cover  the characteristics of Cs and how to communicate with them.

If you are a fan of the Star Trek series, you would instantly note that Mr. Spock is an extremely high C type of person. That said, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Queen Elizabeth also share the trait.

Quick reminder: C measures how a person responds to the rules

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5 Characteristics of a Great Project Manager

The role of a project manager is crucial to the success of the project. A project manager does not only manage the budget, timeline and things to do, he also manages the team morale and delegates the workload.

Without a strong sense of leadership, a project manager may be qualified in terms of skills but he might not be able to settle conflicts that arise among his team members.

To ensure project effectiveness, here are 5 key qualities that a project manager should have.

1.     Bringing out the best of Read more

DISC: Communication Tips for Ss – Part 4

In Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series, we talked about the importance of DISC and D and I’s profile characteristics. In this next discussion, we’ll cover the characteristics of Ss and how to communicate with them.

Steady. Stable. Secure. It is no coincidence that Princess Diana was depicted as a true lady, Mother Teresa as a humble, patient woman and Gandhi as a calm person who hates disputes. These people in fact have a high score on their S behavioural style.

Quick reminder: S measures

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Project Management 101: The Importance of using Project Management in Your Business

Without even realising it, we often use project management in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s cleaning the house or doing an event, we use project management every day. We plan, execute, monitor, control and finish the things we set out to do.

In business settings, however, it takes skills, knowledge and expertise to successfully conduct a project. This is where the role of a project manager is regarded with high importance, as they are the people who make sure that things get done according to plan.

In this … Read more

Happy New Year 2014

As we enter the brand New Year, we would face new challenges. Don’t be afraid to do things differently as we handle new situations!

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Learning English for Hospitality and Health Services

Are you second English language speakers who work in hospitality or health services? Are you planning to work in an international setting, or perhaps moving to an English-speaking country?

To help you gain confidence, we offer quality English courses tailored just for you.

English for health professionals

Learning conversational English is different from learning English for health practices. While we might get by with just knowing limited vocabularies, as health professionals there are a whole lot more specific phrases and industry terminologies we need to know in order to be … Read more

Your Go-To Guide for Writing Business Reports

Writing a business report shouldn’t be a burden, and it shouldn’t be hard. Here are some of our favourite tips to hand in a masterpiece business report every time.

1. Don’t start from scratch

Odds are some of your colleagues or senior have made similar reports in the past. Ask them for a copy and start from there. It saves a lot of time and honestly, it’s always easier to not start on a blank page.

2. Always follow company guidelines

Before googling for business report templates, make sure that … Read more

A Short and Simple Guide to Writing a Business Email

We send a lot of emails everyday. Sometimes it can be only a few, but on a busy day we can send up to 70 emails a day.

Or even more.

Email has now become such an important communication tool in business. As an average worker can get 30 emails per day, how do you make sure that yours is read? Especially if you are sending it to a very busy person…

Here is the guideline to help you write better emails.

1. Be brief

Imagine the things that are … Read more