BlueVisions’ End of Year Celebration with Taman Fioretti Orphanage

It has been an annual tradition to celebrate our team’s accomplishments at the end of each year. This time, BlueVisions Indonesia decided to take the children cared for by Taman Fioretti Orphanage in Pondok Gede, South Jakarta for a fun day out. The orphanage was established in July 1999 by Sister Yulia and Sister Rosa. Over the past 16 years, the orphanage has grown to caring for 70 children, toddlers, and babies with the help of five dedicated caregivers.

For this year’s event, the BV team chose Taman Mini, which Read more

IM HRD CLUB – Acquire and Retain Talent in Today’s Challenging Business Environment

To coach or to poach? This remains one of the biggest questions in talent management. Both options are important investments for the company, each offering benefits and risks that management must consider. The next question is: which strategy is suitable for your organisation?

Following up on our first event in May 2015, BlueVisions’ Institute of Management hosted leaders of our most notable clients across four rapidly expanding Indonesian industries, to discuss this issue. This time, our HRD networking club event took place at the newly opened Fairmont Hotel in the Read more

A Night for HRD – Competencies and Training Plan Development

If you cannot measure something, you cannot manage it. Defining and measuring performance is essential to every manager’s job.

In Indonesia, organisations have regularly conducted corporate training and development. However, the identification of training needs, especially for behavioural competencies, often come from either the users or the managers, and do not undergo thorough Training Needs Analyses to make sure that these needs are linked to company goals and objectives. With ASEAN Integration on the doorstep, the Indonesian workforce has never been more challenged to directly compete with resources from neighbouring Read more

Department of Health PRINCE2® Project Management Training


Perth, Western Australia – The Institute of Management has recently been selected to deliver PRINCE2® Project Management training to staff across the Department of Health commencing in November 2014.

The Department is seeking to improve the delivery capability, knowledge, and competencies through a mix of courses aimed at project staff through to executive groups responsible for project governance.

This training program hopes to provide the necessary skills, competencies and awareness of good project management practices across the group. This includes individuals who are managing or are involved in projects as … Read more

Learning English for Hospitality and Health Services


Are you second English language speakers who work in hospitality or health services? Are you planning to work in an international setting, or perhaps moving to an English-speaking country?

To help you gain confidence, we offer quality English courses tailored just for you.

English for health professionals

Learning conversational English is different from learning English for health practices. While we might get by with just knowing limited vocabularies, as health professionals there are a whole lot more specific phrases and industry terminologies we need to know in order to be … Read more

Your Go-To Guide for Writing Business Reports


Writing a business report shouldn’t be a burden, and it shouldn’t be hard. Here are some of our favourite tips to hand in a masterpiece business report every time.

1. Don’t start from scratch

Odds are some of your colleagues or senior have made similar reports in the past. Ask them for a copy and start from there. It saves a lot of time and honestly, it’s always easier to not start on a blank page.

2. Always follow company guidelines

Before googling for business report templates, make sure that … Read more

A Short and Simple Guide to Writing a Business Email


We send a lot of emails everyday. Sometimes it can be only a few, but on a busy day we can send up to 70 emails a day.

Or even more.

Email has now become such an important communication tool in business. As an average worker can get 30 emails per day, how do you make sure that yours is read? Especially if you are sending it to a very busy person…

Here is the guideline to help you write better emails.

1. Be brief

Imagine the things that are … Read more

Becoming a Better English Writer


In the past few posts, we have covered a lot about English skills and how important it is to be able to speak, write and listen well. However, we would once again emphasise on the importance of becoming a better English writer.

Writing, perhaps, is the hardest skill to develop in learning a new language. In meeting face-to-face with other people, even when our English is below the expected standard of Professional Business Communication, we can at times still get by with some level of confidence, jokes and body language. … Read more

Presenting in English for Second Language Speakers


Now, you are able to talk to your colleagues using English. Your English has gotten better and you now feel more confident in talking in social settings. However, you have an upcoming presentation with the senior management of a potential client company and you feel like you are back to square one. How should you prepare for an English presentation in an environment outside your comfort zone?

Presenting in English is not easy. Presenting by itself is already a nerve-racking experience, especially when you have an important project to win. … Read more

Why is Learning English Hard?


If you are reading this article, odds are you want to improve your English language skills. But sometimes you hit a brick wall and utter this question: Why is learning English hard?

Perhaps you are okay with reading. Perhaps you pick up listening quite well. But what about your writing skills? What about your speaking skills?

It’s impossible to master a new language in a day, but perhaps we can speed up the journey quite a bit.

It’s all a matter of will

Some people pick it up easier than … Read more